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national geographic


have you ever found yourself in the cross-hairs of a serious DRAMA that you never wanted to be a part of...made that much worse by the fact that it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU? instead you are caught in the figurative tug-of-war between someones selfishness and another persons confusion. Poor self-esteem, a skewed world view, and a ticking biological clock are a recipe for DISASTER.

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sometimes we all need a little reminder

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could never, ever, EVER be a vegetarian.

the periodic table for gangstaaasss...

cuteness quotient

and i read the other day that baby spice had just given birth to her 2nd

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favorite palette

Corset top
23 GBP -

Jil Sander cotton stretch pants
$595 -

Steve madden heels
$220 -

Marc Jacobs leather handbag
850 GBP -

ASOS leather handbag
55 GBP -

Irene Neuwirth post earring
$9,110 -

Trina Turk enamel bracelet
$74 -

H m jewelry
5.99 GBP -

study in contrasts

360 GBP -

Alexander McQueen studded pumps
850 GBP -

Alexander mcqueen handbag
$1,495 -

Kimberly McDonald fine jewelry
2,350 GBP -

Roberto Cavalli chain jewelry
$1,015 -

Round ring
$471 -

Alexander McQueen brass jewelry
$350 -

Cutler and gross sunglass
$420 -

Chain Bow Necklace: Silver
$99 -